HPV During Pregnancy

Genital wart is the most common sexually transmitted disease during pregnancy. What kind of effects the genital warts developing during pregnancy will have on the baby and how the delivery should be done are still being discussed today. Another problem is the limited number of treatment options. During pregnancy, the immune system weakens, ensuring that the baby is not perceived as a foreign body. Such changes in the immune system are thought to change the course of genital warts. After pregnancy, warts usually shrink or sometimes even completely disappear. Warts that settle in the cervix and vagina during pregnancy may prevent vaginal delivery by blocking the birth canal, cause serious bleeding during delivery, and may also transmit the viruses to the baby. Whether cesarean section is necessary in women who carry HPV virus but do not have genital warts is a controversial issue, and there is no evidence that it reduces vertical transmission. In addition, this disease can be seen in babies of women with genital warts who have had a cesarean delivery. Although cesarean section is believed to reduce laryngeal papillomatosis in HPV positive pregnant women who have also genital warts, the study results and evidence we have are not enough to recommend cesarean section to all HPV positive pregnant women or pregnant women with genital warts Despite the insufficiency of the evidence, most doctors prefer cesarean section, with intent to prevent the potential transmission of the virus to the baby during vaginal delivery, to prevent warts from spreading to episiotomy wound or perineal tears, and to relieve the mother's concerns. Wart treatment procedures including laser wart removal, chemical wart removal, cryotherapy (freezing), electrocautery (burning) and surgical excision can be performed at any stage of pregnancy.

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