Warts on the Hands

What is Hand Wart?

HPV infection can also cause warts on the hands. When the parts of the body that contain the virus are touched, warts may develop on the hands as a result of the transmission of the virus to the damaged areas on the hands. Warts on the hand are not transmitted through sexual contact.

Why Do Hand Warts Come Out?

Warts are caused by the HPV virus. There are more than 200 types of HPV virus, and only some of these viruses cause hand warts and finger warts. The possibility of HPV virus transmission increases due to scratches, abrasions and damage to the hands.

What are the Symptoms of Warts on the Hand?

The symptoms of warts on the hand are usually callus-like, sometimes mole-shaped, hard lesions that may be raised or flat from the skin. If left untreated, it grows larger or spreads to nearby areas. Warts on the hand usually manifest themselves as warts on the palms and fingers.

How to Heal a Wart on the Hand?

Hand warts can rarely heal on their own. Most of the patients first try to treat warts at home. Warts are often resistant to home remedies and other treatments. Because there is no effective treatment at home, some warts may grow larger and become hard as calluses. As the wart hardens, it becomes more difficult to treat as it grows. There are many drugs touted as the definitive solution for warts on the hand and warts on the finger. Unfortunately, most of them are not effective in treatment. For this reason, when a wart is detected on the hand, it would be better to wait for it to go away on its own, and to seek medical treatment instead of using hand wart cream or medicine for warts on the hand.

Are Warts on the Hand Contagious?

Warts on the hands and fingers can be contagious. For this reason, shaking hands with people with warts too often can cause warts to become infected. It is also unnecessary to have the fear of getting a wart once you shake hands. Because the hpv virus enters the body from places such as abrasions, wounds, scratches on the skin.

Does Hand Wart Itchy?

Hand warts can itch. Not only itching, but also especially large warts cause pain. For this reason, it is necessary not to delay the treatment of warts on the hands and fingers.

Hand Wart Treatment – ​​How to Treat Finger Warts?

At our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, we use laser to treat warts on the hand. You can call our call center at +90 212 986 08 22 and 0 505 260 72 38 to get detailed information about genital wart cauterization with laser and to make an appointment.

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The main rule in the treatment of warts is the effective removal of the wart. The most effective of these removal methods is the removal of warts with laser. With other methods, the probability of recurrence of warts is higher than with laser.

In Silivri HPV Treatment Center, hand wart treatment and finger warts treatment are successfully applied with Fractional Laser Therapy.

If warts are not properly treated and their roots are not sufficiently destroyed, they may reappear. In-depth treatment is best possible with laser.

Herbal Remedy for Warts on the Hand

Wart treatment with herbs causes your warts on the hands and fingers to multiply further, causing a loss of time and money in treatment. Please do not rely on herbal treatments.

Medical Wart Treatment

Electrocautery Treatment

This procedure is done under local anesthesia. The wart is burned using electric current. In this method, there may be pain after the procedure, and a scar may remain after the procedure.

Cryotherapy Treatment (Freezing Warts on Hand)

In the cryotherapy process, the liquid nitrogen applied to the wart is squeezed and the wart is frozen. In fact, the wart is burned with cold. The probability of recurrence is higher than other methods, there may be pain after the procedure.

Laser Therapy (Fractional Laser Therapy)

With the laser, only the wart itself and its root are evaporated and destroyed. Warts disappear in one session. The possibility of the wart to come back is low, there is no pain after the procedure, there is no scar after the procedure.

In our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, we prefer the option of wart treatment with fractional laser.

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Can Hand Warts Be Treated During Pregnancy?

There is no harm in treating hand warts with laser during pregnancy.

Tips for Preventing Warts on Your Hands

Your hands are in constant contact with the external environment. The most risky body part in terms of contact with the HPV virus is our hands. Therefore, we can get the virus by touching common surfaces such as gyms and showers. Being exposed to a wart virus or coming into contact with someone does not necessarily mean that the wart will be transmitted. It is possible for the HPV virus to enter the body through the openings in our skin, such as cuts and abrasions.

Some prevention issues:
  • Avoid touching the warts, even on your own hands, and try not to bleed or pluck them.
  • Always cover any minor cuts or scrapes on your hands.
  • Wash your hands often, pay attention to disinfection.
  • Avoid contact as much as possible in crowded areas such as public transport.
  • Do not bite your nails, do not tear the tissues around the nails.
  • Wear shoes, sandals, or overshoes in outdoor showers and pools.
  • If you see warts on the hands, contact us immediately to prevent their spread.
  • People with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop warts, keeping the immune system strong prevents wart development.

Information on Hand Wart Treatment Prices

Hand wart treatment prices vary according to the center where the procedure is performed, the size and prevalence of the wart. You can get price information by calling the HPV Treatment Center in Silivri and sending photos of your warts.

You can call our call center at
0 (212) 728 63 61 to get detailed information about genital wart cauterization with laser and to make an appointment.

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