HPV Types

• With molecular methods, more than 200 HPV types have been identified to date. There are approximately 40 HPV types, which cause infection in the anal and genital areas. They are classified under three headings as low risk group, probable high risk group, and high risk group.

- Those in the low risk group
Type 6, Type 11, Type 40, Type 42, Type 43, Type54, Type61, Type 62, Type 71, Type 72, Type 74, Type 81, Type 91

- Those in the probable high-risk group
Type 26, Type 53, Type 66, Type 67, Type 68, Type 69, Type 70, Type 73, Type 82

- Those in the high risk group
Type 16, Type 18, Type 31, Type 33, Type 35, Type 39, Type 45, Type51, Type 52, Type 56, Type 58, Type 59

• According to the result of the analysis performed by the Turkish gynecological Oncology group, by collecting data from 12 centers, HPV positivity was found to be 25% in 6,388 cases. The ratio of HPV positivity among patients with normal smear test results was found to be 27%. The ratio of HPV positivity was found to be 50.2% in people, who have abnormality according to the smear test results. HPV Type 16 was the most common (46%) type of HPV in the group with abnormal smear test results. In the group with normal smear test results, HPV Type 16 was found to be the most common HPV Type with a ratio of 26.8%. The most common HPV types are HPV Type 16 (2), HPV Type 6 (17%), HPV Type 11 (9%), HPV Type 18 (8%), HPV Type 31 (6%), HPV Type 51 (5%), and HPV Type 33 (3%) respectively.

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