Can HPV Spread from a Toilet Seat?

• Regarding HPV, one of the subjects that people most wonder about is whether HPV can spread from a toilet seat, door handle, and faucet. HPV is spread when infected skin touches an area of uninfected skin. You can get HPV from anyone who has warts on his or her mouth, skin or genitals or even when he or she has no visible warts. However, your probability of getting this virus from hard surfaces such as door handles and toilet seats is very low. The subject of non-sexual transmission of genital HPV is controversial. Most studies conducted on sexually inexperienced young women (Andersson-Ellström et al., 1994; Dillner et al., 1999) have shown that non-sexual transmission of HPV is a rare but possible phenomenon. However, a number of studies have reported that HPV can also occasionally be transmitted through other means besides sexual activity. Possible non-sexual means include vertical transmission, fomites, and skin contact (Pao et al., 1992; Cason et al., 1995; Winer et al., 2003, Mindel and Tideman, 1999; Frega et al. 2003).

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For HPV transmission, contact with the skin, mouth and genital area of ​​someone infected with the HPV virus is required.

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