HPV Infection Symptoms

• Most HPV infections do not show symptoms. When they show symptoms, the symptom is usually in the form of a wart in the genital area. Most of the infections regress spontaneously over time, while those that cannot be removed from the body may cause precancerous lesions and cancer. Genital warts, also known as genital condyloma, appear on the genital skin and mucous membranes. Warts are mostly appear in areas of irritation in particular, such as the entrance of the vagina, the vulva, anus, vagina, cervix, and the area between the vagina and the anus in women, and the foreskin, proximal penile shaft, and scrotum in men. In these areas, they are observed as flat or raised, stalked or stalkless, cauliflower or skin tags-shaped formations. Warts can also appear on the body skin, mouth, and throat, causing serious health problems.

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