Warts Cauterization (Wart Burning)

When warts develop on the body, they are often not immediately noticed due to their small size in the initial phase. Many people confuse warts with skin tags and cannot be sure about whether such they have already existed on the body. When the wart starts growing and multiply, the person realizes that these lesions are not skin tags. They begin to surf the Internet and then become notice that what they observe on their bodies are warts, not skin tags as they thought. If they get information from a reliable address like our website, they learn what kind of infection HPV is, what the ways of its transmission are, and how it is treated. We recommend you to carefully read other articles about HPV, genital warts and condyloma presented on our website.

In this article, we will talk about the procedures colloquially known as wart removal, wart burning, and freezing.

How Do Warts Go Away?

Warts are typically benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions that can be eliminated by the body's immune system over time. However, sometimes, especially in people with weakened immune systems, the body's elimination of warts can take time, or warts may not disappear at all.

At this point, medical intervention is required. There are various methods for treating warts, and the choice of these methods typically depends on the type, size, number, and location of the wart.

Treatments for warts include topical treatments (ointments, creams, etc., applied directly to the skin), cryotherapy (freezing), electrosurgery (burning with electricity), laser therapy, and surgical treatment. In addition, medications that strengthen the immune system can also assist in wart treatment.

Wart treatment can sometimes take several sessions, and complete disappearance of the wart can take a few weeks or even months. The important thing is to apply the treatment under the supervision of a doctor and regularly. Remember, warts are caused by viruses, and so warts can recur before the treatment is completed.

Especially, genital warts (condylomas) are caused by the sexually transmitted HPV virus, and some types of this virus can increase the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, genital warts must be eliminated under doctor supervision and with appropriate treatment.

Since the device called electrocautery that has been used in wart treatment for years burns the tissue, the treatment is mostly known as wart burning. In this treatment procedure, the wart is really burned using an electric current. The smoke and odor that can be felt during the wart burning process enable you to understand that the process is really a burning process. CLICK for detailed information.

The wart removal treatment is performed on stigmata and condylomas in particular. The condyloma is removed by cutting its root using a scalpel, electrocautery or scissors. If bleeding occurs at the root of the condyloma, it is stopped using sutures or cautery.

Wart freezing is the colloquial term for the procedure called cryotherapy. In this treatment procedure, the wart is frozen using nitrogen gas. The frozen wart decays and disappears, as in the cauterization procedure. CLICKfor detailed information.

The technique involving the use of fractional laser is the most advantageous technique that we use in warts cauterization. When our patients apply to us with a wart removal request, we explain them the fractional laser technique that is the new form of wart removal, and its advantages. We now prefer fractional laser for wart removal in our treatment practice, as it cause less scarring and less postoperative pain. CLICKfor detailed information.

In our HPV Treatment Center located in Silivri, we perform HPV treatment and wart cauterization procedures with fractional laser. In our clinic, we treat not only warts in the genital area, but also warts in all other parts of the body.

Wart Cauterization/Removal Prices

In accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health, we cannot publish wart cauterization prices on the website.

By contacting our clinic, you can get separate prices for only one process such as wart removal, HPV test, smear test or examination. In addition, you can also get a more affordable total price for examination + smear (in women) + HPV typing test + laser wart treatment. Our wart treatment prices are not confidential. We provide our patients with information on the prices of HPV test and wart removal over the phone.

You can call our call center at +90 212 986 08 22 to contact us for wart cauterization, to learn the cost of wart cauterization, to get detailed information about HPV and fractional laser, and to make an appointment. Our personnel who are experts in the field of HPV treatment will help you.

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