Eser AĞAR, MD, Asst. Prof. of Medicine

HPV Treatment Center

Our clinic that we opened in June 2017, we provide services related to the diagnosis and treatment of HPV (genital warts) and other similar sexually transmitted diseases. The procedures performed in our clinic include cervical cancer screening with iquid based cervical smear, HPV DNA PCR test, STD 10 test intended for detecting sexually transmitted diseases, colposcopic examination, biopsy from risky areas detected during colposcopy, endocervical curettage, and vulvar and vaginal biopsy. After the diagnosis of the disease, we perform wart treatment with fractional carbon dioxide laser, radiofrequency and electrocautery, LEEP (LLETS) conization, and cold conization. All surgical interventions performed under local anesthesia are performed in our clinic. In cases that require general anesthesia, we perform our treatments at Silivri Anadolu Hospital and Silivri Anadolu Hospital.

Since HPV is a disease that infects both men and women, holistic treatment is very important. For this reason, HPV treatments are also successfully performed in male patients in our clinic. We treat patients by appointment in our center. We give our patients an appointment every 30 minutes. You can make an appointment online or by calling 0 212 986 08 22.

Our Applications in Genital Wart, Condyloma Treatment

  • Detection of Disease with Examination and Microscope
  • Wart Treatment with Laser
  • Colposcopy and Biopsy
  • Taking Preventive Measures
  • HPV Vaccine Application

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