What is ASCH ?

If ASC-US is suspicious in regard to a neoplastic condition, it is called ASC-H. ASC-H means a smear showing that Atypical Squamous Cells-cannot exclude High-grade (CIN 2 and CIN 3) squamous intraepithelial lesion. It should never be confused with ASCUS. If the test result of an adult patient is ASC-H, colposcopy should be performed and the patient should be followed closely.

In a patient diagnosed with ASCUS as a result of the smear test, whose HPV test does not show HPV the colposcopy and biopsy are unlikely to show cancer. In a patient with high-risk HPV detected in the HPV test, whose smear indicates ASCUS, the probability of a biopsy result that indicates cancer is 0.41%. If colposcopy and biopsy are performed on a patient, whose smear shows ASC-H, is detected in the smear, the probability of a result that indicates cervical cancer is 2.6%. As you seen, a test result indicating ASC-H should not be neglected.

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