What is Conization ?

Conization is one of the techniques intended for both diagnosis and treatment in cases where precancerous lesions are detected. If the lesion detected by colposcopy are progressing towards the uterine canal, and if risky cells were observed in consequence of the endocervical curettage (biopsy taken from the uterine canal) performed during colposcopy, the conization procedure is performed. Conization is the procedure, in which a cone-shaped piece of tissue is removed from the cervix using a scalpel, a laser knife, or a thin wire loop. When performed with scalpel, it is also called cold conization. This procedure is more difficult and risky than the LEEP (LLETZ) procedure. The bleeding risk is higher. Bleeding areas are controlled using electrocautery and sutures. The cone-shaped material removed from the cervix is sent for pathologic review. The follow-up and treatment protocol is shaped in accordance with the results of the pathological examination.

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