Warts on the Body

Warts are benign (noncancerous) lesions on the skin, which are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts that can appear in any part of the body are most common in children and young adults. Some warts that develop on the soles of the feet are painful, but most of warts are painless.

However, all warts are highly contagious. They can easily be transmitted from one part of the body to another and from one person to another, by even casual contacts, such as a handshake. They may disappear spontaneously, but can be treated with certain procedures such as laser treatment.

Warts are easy to identify just by looking at them with the naked eye. Although they are benign warts, they are known to turn into a slow-growing cancer called verrucous carcinoma in very rare cases.

Warts may appear anywhere on the body, but they are most commonly seen on the dorsum of the hands, in areas close to the nails, and in areas where the skin is broken.

It is possible to remove the wart(s) on the body with laser by just numbing the application area, but if the number is too high, treatment under general anesthesia is preferred. As with other genital warts, there is a risk of recurrence. If warts recur, the treatment is repeated the same way.

Measures intended to prevent recurrence of genital warts apply here as well. These measures include not plucking the warts, not smoking, and keeping the immune system working properly.

At our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, we use laser to treat warts on the body.

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