HPV is a rapidly spreading virus that is seen all over the world. There are more than 200 HPV types. 40 of these types tend to settle in the genital area in particular. Other types cause the formation of warts on the hands, feet, body and mouth.

Why is it important to know the type of HPV?

If the causes of the infection in the genital area are among the high-risk HPV types, the patient is at higher risk of developing cervix (cervical) cancer or penile cancer and anal cancer. Therefore, identifying the type of virus that we face will help us take the right precautions to prevent cancer development.

Some of the HPV types that cause infection in the genital area are of types that do not cause cervical, anal and penile cancers. These types often cause only warts. Knowing that the patient is infected with a low-risk HPV also relieves the mind of both patient and doctor.

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How are HPV tests performed?

The HPV Test is a PCR test that is also known as the HPV DNA test or the HPV PCR test. The test procedure differs in men and women in terms of sample collection.

How are HPV Tests Performed on Women?

The patient is taken to the examination table in such a way as to make her ready for a gynecological examination. If there are no warts, a vaginal swab sample can be taken to perform the HPV test. If there are warts, one of them is taken and placed in protective transport tube that contains a protective liquid, and then is sent to the laboratory together with a swab taken from the vagina. In addition to the HPV test, a smear test should definitely be performed in women. For smear test Click Here

How are HPV Tests Performed on Men?

If the patient does not have warts, a swab sample is taken from the tip of the penis (urethra), the inguinal groin, scrotum, and proximal penile shaft using a cotton swab and they are sent to the laboratory in a transport tube containing protective liquid. If there are warts, samples taken from them are sent to the laboratory after placed in protective transport tubes filled with a protective fluid.

The sampling process for the HPV DNA test takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes. If a sample will be taken from the wart, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. You can easily return to your daily routines after this procedure.

The most common high-risk virus types in our country are TYPE16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 54, 56, and 58 respectively.

How are HPV DNA Test results interpreted?

If the HPV test result is positive, the type of the virus will be reported as well.

If the HPV type is found to be in the low-risk group, you don’t need to be afraid of developing cancer. These HPV types manifest themselves with the development of warts. More than 80% of warts are caused by Type 6 and Type 11, which are in the low risk-group. With the right treatment, it is possible to eliminate low-risk HPV types from the body within 1 to 2 years.

If the detected HPV type is in the high-risk group, the treatment approach should differ depending on gender.

When a high-risk HPV type is detected in women, colposcopy should be performed and then gynecological examinations should be performed at intervals to be determined by the physician. For detailed information about colposcopy Click Here

When a high-risk HPV type is detected in a man, the HPV test should also be performed on his female partner. When a high-risk HPV type is detected in a woman, the protocols mentioned above should be performed in the same way. If the female partner has not been infected with a high-risk HPV, precautions intended to prevent transmission (HPV vaccine, condoms, etc.) should be taken.

HPV Test Price

In some hospitals and clinics, a test is performed to know whether there is an HPV infection. If here is an HPV infection, another test is performed to identify the type. This is an expensive, two-stage procedure.

With the HPV DNA test we perform in our clinic, both HPV is detected in one step and all HPV types that infected the genital area are identified. It is affordable.

The result of the HPV DNA test is received within 12 to 13 days.

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  • Type 6
  • Type 11
  • Type 40
  • Type 42
  • Type 43
  • Type 44
  • Type 54
  • Type 55
  • Type 61
  • Type 62
  • Type 64
  • Type 71
  • Type 72
  • Type 81
  • Type 83
  • Type 84
  • Type 87
  • Type 89
  • Type 9

  • Type 26
  • Type 53
  • Type 66
  • Type 67
  • Type 68
  • Type 69
  • Type 70
  • Type 73
  • Type 52

  • Type 16
  • Type 18
  • Type 31
  • Type 33
  • Type 35
  • Type 39
  • Type 45
  • Type 51
  • Type 52
  • Type 56
  • Type 58
  • Type 59

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