What is Cervical Smear?

Smear test, also known as cervical smear or PAP smear, is the test procedure that involves the collection of a sample of cells spilling out of the cervix with the help of a brush, their placement on a glass slide, and their examination by a pathologist and cytology specialist. It is an extremely easy-to-perform and painless procedure. The test result is usually available in 4- to 7 days. It is the most basic, simplest and least expensive test procedure intended for cervical cancer screening. A smear test result is not interpreted as “uterine cancer exists or doesn’t exist”. As with all other tests, there is a possibility of false positive and false negative results. In other words, it cannot be said that someone who has bad smear test results definitely has cervical cancer, or that someone whose smear test result is normal definitely do not have cervical cancer or will not develop cervical cancer. The sensitivity of the smear test in detecting CIN2 and more advanced lesions is 76.6%, while the sensitivity rate of the HPV DNA Test is 90% in detecting such lesions.

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