HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccines have protective properties, and they are produced with recombinant technology. It is also known as Cervical Cancer Vaccine in our country. The vaccine contains virus-like particles intended to stimulate the immune response. These virus-like particles do not contain DNA and do not cause infection. They are non-oncogenic, and triggers a strong immunity.

Two types of HPV vaccines are available in our country

Dual HPV Vaccine

The dual vaccine contains virus-like particles for protection against HPV Type 16 and HPV Type 18. The double vaccine is only effective against carcinogenic HPV types, it is ineffective against genital warts. It has not been on the market for a while.

Quadrivalant HPV Vaccine

The quadrivalant vaccine contains similar particles for protection against HPV Type 6, HPV Type 11, HPV Type 16 and HPV Type 18. HPV Type 6 and HPV Type 11 are responsible for 90% of genital warts. It has been shown that the quadruple vaccine is 100% effective against warts caused by HPV types 6 and 11. HPV Type 16 and HPV Yip 18 are the HPV types that increase the risk of cervical cancer the most.

Nanovalant HPV Vaccine

This vaccine is protective against HPV Type 6, HPV Type 11, HPV Type 16, HPV Type 18, HPV Type 31, HPV Type 33, HPV Type 45, HPV Type 52, HPV Type 58. It is not yet available for sale in our country. It is not expected to be released before 2023. If our patients living abroad can access the vaccine, they may prefer the nine-in-one vaccine.

How to Get the HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccines are administered intramuscularly. It can be done on the shoulder or leg. In our clinic, we administer vaccines from the left shoulder.

HPV Vaccine Dose Timing

The dual vaccine is administered in two doses at 0 and 6 months in the 9-14 age group, and 3 doses at 0-1 and 6 months at the age of 15 years and over.

On the other hand, the quadrivalant vaccine is administered in 2 doses at 0-6 months for individuals aged 9-14, and 3 doses at 0-2 and 6 months for individuals aged 15 and over.

Is HPV Vaccine Risky?

HPV Vaccine is in the class of safe vaccines. The risk of side effects is very low.Very rarely pain, redness and mild fever may be seen at the injection site.

HPV Vaccine During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

HPV Vaccines are not administered during pregnancy. There is no harm in administering the vaccine during breastfeeding. Pregnancy planning status should be taken into consideration while making the vaccination program. Because the prolongation of the time between doses causes disruption of the vaccine scheme. In cases where the scheme is broken, it is necessary to start vaccination from the beginning.

HPV Vaccine Is Also Applicable To Men

The HPV virus does not discriminate by gender. It infects men and women together. It is very important to treat both partners together in the fight against HPV. Therefore, it is essential for men to have the HPV Vaccine. HPV vaccine has been included in the national vaccination program in 87 countries. While it is done only for girls in 68 countries, it is done for both girls and boys in 19 countries.

Where to Get the HPV Vaccine

Quadrivalant HPV vaccine is administered in our HPV Treatment Center. In our center, the timing of vaccination of our patients is followed by us. We prevent delays by calling patients who are due for vaccination and reminding them of doses.

What You Need to Know About the HPV Vaccine

  • There is no age limit for the HPV Vaccine. You can get the HPV Vaccine even if you are over 40.
  • It is known that HPV Vaccine reduces genital wart recurrences after genital wart treatment and positively affects the elimination of HPV from the body.
  • For this purpose, HPV vaccine is administered to patients who have a history of HPV infection and genital warts and are still HPV carriers.
  • HPV Vaccine can be administered to men and boys over 9 years old.
  • If HPV Vaccine is applied to partners with genital warts problem, the success of eliminating HPV from the body will increase.
  • Although HPV Vaccine triggers the production of antibodies against Type 6, Type 11, Type 16 and Type 18, it also provides immunity against other HPV Types by cross-reacting.
  • Therefore, no matter what type of HPV is found as a result of the HPV Test, get the HPV vaccine.
  • HPV Vaccine does not cause infertility.
  • HPV Vaccine is ineffective against hand and foot warts.
  • It is appropriate to have a period of 1 month between HPV Vaccine and other vaccines.
  • It is okay to drink alcohol on the day of HPV Vaccination.
  • The second dose of the vaccine is given 1-2 months after the first. The interval between the 1st and 2nd dose should not be longer than 2 months. If there is a delay, the 1st dose will be wasted and the vaccination will be started all over again.
  • If 3 doses of the vaccine have been completed, the protection is 100%. No reinforcement or booster doses are required. It provides lifelong immunity.

HPV Vaccine Price

The price of HPV Vaccine varies periodically. It rarely falls in price, mostly increases with inflation rates. Due to the rules of the Ministry of Health, we cannot share the price of HPV Vaccine on our site.

To get the HPV Vaccine, you can find out the price of the HPV Vaccine and make a vaccination appointment by calling 0 212 728 63 61

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