HPV and its Psychological Effects

People with genital warts have some concerns in their sexual and social life. The fear of transmitting the disease to each other reduces sexual drive and pleasure felt during sexual intercourse, negatively affecting the sexual activities of the couple. Since sex before marriage and sex with someone other than the lawful spouse is not considered acceptable in society, the disease can cause those who were brought up on the basis of the religious doctrine to think that "I have committed a sin and I’ve been punished in this way". This way of thinking considers sexual intercourse as a shameful act that should be stayed away from. People with genital warts tend to withdraw themselves from the social environment and detach themselves from society. On the other hand, the fear of inability to get result from the treatment procedures, the worry of transmitting the disease to others, and the fear of developing uterine cancer cause anxiety. The unknown source of infection harms the sense of trust in relationships and may even lead to termination relationships.

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When HPV is detected in men, the woman should be immediately tested for HPV DNA. Treatment should be started according to the test result.

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