What is ASCUS ?

Results of your pap smear test may sometimes come as ASCUS. ASCUS is the abbreviated form of Atypical Squamous Cells of Udetermined Significance and means that epithelial cells observed under the microscope show some changes, in a condition where it is unclear whether they are precancerous (dysplasia) or an inflammatory change (inflammation). In other words, the pathologist observes some cells under the microscope, but it is unclear whether they are dysplasia or inflammation. Such a condition is called ASCUS. A patient whose test result is ASCUS is first given antibiotic treatment to eliminate the possibility of an inflammatory reaction.

When a patient diagnosed with ASCUS is re-evaluated after the administration of antibiotics, the final diagnosis mostly appears to be squamous metaplasia and HPV-related lesions. Another approach in the treatment of patients with ASCUS is HPV DNA typing. In 38% of the patients, whose biopsy shows CIN 2/CIN 3, the smear result is ASCUS. If the patients with ASC-US result are left alone, 68.19% of the cases return to normal, while the rate of progression from ASCUS to HSIL is 7.13% and to cancer is 0.25%. 83% of patients whose tests show LSIL (CIN 1) are HPV positive. 40-55% of patients with LSIL (CIN 1) may also have HSIL (CIN2-CIN3).

My test result is ASCUS. What should I do?

Under normal circumstances, we would administer antibiotics to a patient with an ASCUS result and repeat a smear 7-10 days later. If ASCUS was found again in the patient whose smear result was found in 7-10 days, we would perform the HPV Test this time. Given that the HPV test result is obtained in 12-13 days, it is a stressful 25-day process at best.

For this reason,

As an HPV Treatment Center, we prefer to perform the "HPV Test" in patients who have ASCUS as a result of a smear test. We do not want our patients to be under long-term stress. If the HPV test results are negative, we know that ASCUS is caused by inflammation or infection in the cervix, so we treat and relax.

If a low-risk HPV type such as HPV 6 or HPV 11 is found as a result of the HPV Test we have taken, we are relieved again, we plan the HPV treatment and call the patient for a check-up after 1 year.

If one of the high-risk HPV types such as HPV 16, HPV 18, HPV 31, HPV 33 is found as a result of the HPV Test, then we go to the next stage and perform colposcopy on the patient.

We can detect all HPV types with the HPV Test performed at the HPV Treatment Center. We perform colposcopy when necessary. .

If your smear result is ASCUS, You can reach our center from the +90 212 986 08 22 phone number and get detailed information about HPV Test Prices and Colposcopy prices..

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