Is HPV Infection Common?

Unfortunately, HPV infection is a quite common disease. A sexually active woman has a 75% chance of being infected with HPV in her lifetime. In the United States, 24.4% of the female students, whose cervical smear results were normal, tested HPV positive. The ratio of the male students who tested HPV positive was 33,3%.

There are more than 200 HPV types. Among them, 40 cause infection in the genital area. HPV infection is most common in the 35 to 44 age group. In Turkey, 27% of women with normal cervical smear results have HPV, and 50.2% of women with abnormal smear results have HPV.

The most common HPV types are HPV Type 16 (2), HPV Type 6 (17%), HPV Type 11 (9%), HPV Type 18 (8%), HPV Type 31 (6%), HPV Type 51 (5%), and HPV Type 33 (3%) respectively.

Approximately 90% of HPV infections, which show symptoms in the form of genital warts, are found to have been caused by HPV Type 6 and Type 11. The highest rate of people who tested HPV positive was found in the Aegean Region, while the lowest rate was in the Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

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